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  • 更新时间:2016-02-29
  • 学历:本科
  • 工作地点:上海市
  • 语言要求:
  • 工作年限:1年以下
  • 招聘人数:1
  • 月薪:0-0元
  • 性质:
Delivery 提供 As part of treasury team, perform accounting activities which comply with Group policies, local regulations and FSSC standards within the following scope: 作为财务中心资金业务团队的一员,应遵循集团制度,当地法规及财务共享中心操作规范 完成以下各项职责: ? Manage bank account accurately and keep liaison with banks to follow up the latest regulations; 正确管理银行账户,并与银行保持联系跟进最新法律法规; ? Process e-bank and manual payment transactions timely and accurately; 及时准确地处理电子银行和手工付款业务; ? Properly process foreign currency transaction including hedging settlement, in accordance with local SAFE regulations; 根据当地外汇管理政策,正确处理外币结算业务如远期结算; ? Timely cooperate with other functions to provide sufficient bank documents including bank statements, payment receipt and advice, etc. 及时配合其他部门提供银行文件如银行对账单、收付款银行凭证等; ? Timely make fund plan including idle cash and bank draft management; 及时制定资金计划包括闲置资金和汇票管理业务; ? Properly archive bank notes in safe place; 正确保管银行票据,确保其安全; ? Be responsible for required treasury reports in a timely and accurate manner: 及时准确地提供资金业务报告: * Work with GL team to respect monthly closing deadline; 与总账团队合作在规定时间内完成月度结账; * Declare monthly group treasury reports; 申报月度集团资金业务报告; * Provide ad-hoc analysis and reports per requirement. 根据要求提供各类分析和报表。 ? Actively participate in internal and external audits to provide required information timely and accurately; 积极参与内部及外部审计,及时准确地提供所需信息; ? Support other team members from the SSC on achieving team and individual goals, ensuring that high level of customer service is maintained; 为达成团队和个人的目标,向其他团队成员提供支持,以保证高质量的客户服务; ? Perform miscellaneous tasks as assigned. 完成领导临时交办的任务。 Continuous improvement 持续改进 ? Actively participate in continuous improvement on process optimization and internal control level to improve service quality to customers; 积极参与财务共享中心的工作流程持续优化和内部控制持续加强,以提高客户服务质量; ? Continuously improve professional skills and core competencies to meet company development requirements. 不断提高个人业务技能和主要能力素质,以符合公司发展要求。 Customer Focused 客户关注 ? Timely response to local entities queries; 及时地响应当地公司的要求; ? Effective, friendly and informative communications; 高效友好的信息沟通; ? Proactive in meeting customer needs and requirements. 主动满足客户需求。 * Typical Education Level 教育背景: ? Bachelor Degree and above in Accounting or Finance; 学士学位及以上,会计或财务专业; ? Hold accounting certificate; 持有会计上岗证; * Relevant experience, knowledge and skills 相关经验技能: ? Fresh Graduate; with 1-2 year experience is preferred; 应届毕业生,有1到2年工作经验的优先; ? Understanding of general finance knowledge; 基本财务知识; ? Competent and experienced in ‘in scope’ Treasury activities - qualified or part qualified desirable; 在资金业务方面有资格和经验予以优先考虑; ? Be familiar with ERP module is preferred; 熟悉ERP系统者优先考虑; ? Proficient in Office software; 熟练使用办公软件; ? Good English skill. 良好的英语技能。 Address: Minghang plant We provide shuttle bus with 11 routes covering Shanghai.公司地址:闵行开发区 提供11个方向的班车


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